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What is Empower all about?

Empower is a Multi-faceted program for RNs and LPNs, brought to you by White Glove Community Care. Its activities include monthly incentives, promotions, publications, events, and additional wings that will indeed empower that Nurse in You! It also provides a forum where nurses like you, under that same umbrella of caring can share that special bond and great ideas to enhance your Nursing Career.

Here is Why Empower Was Born! You give passion to Nursing. You are not only a nurse by profession. You change the world. You sometimes struggle, but never give up. You have a great impact on your surroundings. You give it your all, but never tap your shoulder for all you have done. This is for You.

Nurse Of Excellence

This helps our nurses make their optimal contribution to patients and their work environments and the recognition of their efforts.

Laugh, nurse, laugh!

Infusing laughter and humor into your work life is a powerful tool. Reap the benefits!

Monthly Incentives

We offer Monthly Incentives to motivate our employees.

We Love Feedback

We love hearing feedback from YOU! Thank you for taking time to share your experience!

Social Events

Our Monthly Events is a great way to keep our Nurses engaged with our ongoing activities.

Weekly Inspiration

Free weekly motivational poetries delivered to your inbox!

Welcome Home

We are excited to welcome new Nurses to the White Glove Family


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