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Inspirational Poetry

Words of the heart to inspire and motivate you. Get monthly poetry straight into your inbox!
View and enjoy our poetry selections below.

My Nurse, My Angel

She is an Angel,
Though not feathered White
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Empower the Moment

The moment, now
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Forgive Me

Forgive me
My darling
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I cannot do it.
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Today is The Day

I woke up
Morning again
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Hero at the Frontlines

I’m proud who I am
A Hero, yes indeed!
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A Change In Me

A patient’s memo
It’s you – my nurse
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My New Song

I shall persist on my traverse
until success will come along
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I frequently wonder
What is making me happy
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The Buffer

As I withstand some worlds shatter,
I am a comforting buffer
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Standing at Shore

Then I lifted my eyes and saw the stars
Illuminating a black sky, and I fell into a relaxed sleep.
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Me-Time Myth

I heard this bizarre phrase,
I could not digest or fathom. Can you answer my deep question?
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Renew or New

Tossing and turning…Right Side…Left Side..Back…Quandering..Again and Again! 
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The Special Meaning of Autumn

Yet I am told that the brightest sun will fade. Yes, the days of the grey, will be none to sneeze.
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I have never failed to succeed

Because it is the internal me

That reached success
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