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Roses are red, violets are blue, the honey is sweet, and. Well, some things are obvious. Like why White Glove is trusted by more than 4,000 caregivers and 3,000 patients. Though there are a million reasons to shout out we wanted you to keep your fingers counting – so here are the top 9!

Constant Support of a Great Team

Our delightful team of informed, knowledgeable, and professional staff members are always eager to assist! We work with a united goal. Our recruiters, staffers, coordinators, payroll representatives, and compliance coordinators collaborate to smooth your experience with an astounding turnaround time. Every employee receives training and support to succeed in their duties to ensure patient satisfaction.

 We Care

Joining White Glove spells becoming part of a family. More than providing technical assistance and answering your questions, we take your experience personally. Coordinator relationships resemble that of a friend. You will often find them checking in just because. Your every concern is theirs, and your happy moments are also shared.

What we say – is what you get!

White Glove is synonymous with honesty, transparency, and credibility. We stick to promises and stand behind our brand name.

 More than 25 Years of Experience

As Gurus in the Homecare Market since 1995, we have solid relationships with most insurance, hospitals, and vendors. We are adept at the entire process from getting the services approved to expert staffing.

Endless Opportunities for Caregivers

Peds or Geri? Night or day? With thousands of patients all over New York and New Jersey, we’ve got you covered with an unparalleled variety of cases to choose from!

Weekly pay

Your pay comes weekly and is worry-free! You work hard to impact many lives, and we are here to ensure you have no additional burden.

Incomparable Benefits!

From medical insurance, dental insurance, a monthly debit card, access to top discount platforms, 20% off nursing scrubs.. And more yet.. Working with White Glove has some fantastic strings attached!

The Empower Program

Launched in 2021, our Empowerment Program is centered on supporting, invigorating, and energizing devoted healthcare workers. White Glove teams are alive and kicking with events, promotions, inspiration, occasional gifts, recognition, and networking from one White Glove professional to another. White Glove Staffing Coordinators keep you looped in on all that’s new!

White Glove is always seeking to improve!

We are here to listen and build what you say! We encourage you to share feedback so we can transform the White Glove Experience from great to greater!

 #10: What makes us Great to YOU?

Let us know what makes us special to you and get entered for a free set of Figs scrubs!

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