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The Gift of Caregivers

Caregiving is the gift that keeps on giving. Our White Glove Community Care caregivers are our heart and soul. They are filled with compassion and resilience. They have raised up to the challenge during this pandemic, to help care for our most vulnerable community who needs them most. For that, we are forever thankful to them and appreciate them for all they do for our community.

In honor of November’s National Caregiver’s Month, our managers and coordinators wanted to take the time to thank the following caregivers who have gone above and beyond. Read on to learn about what makes our caregivers so special.

Meet our Caregivers (HHAs/PCAs)


Kelly’s drive for being an HHA derives from the care she has provided for her older parents and siblings. She enjoys being a caregiver because she gets to meet different families and allows herself to learn from each experience. Kelly says, “one thing I have always said is being a caregiver is not easy. One must have a good heart and strong will to care for different situations that come. I love being a caregiver.”

She practices self-care by spending as much quality time with her family including her three children. She says that she wants to continue to teach her children resilience and always encourages them to mask up and wash their hands to help do their part to help protect themselves and our community.


Dely’s influence to becoming a caregiver derives from wanting to care for those who need help the most especially those who live alone and lack the care and love they deserve to have. Dely likes to “make them feel that they are important and independent.” She says she wants to “transmit positive energies to them so they may feel active and not fall into depression.”

Dely loves being able to bring a smile to her patient’s face. She describes the look on her patient’s faces as “the face you make when you bring a gift to a child.” She also enjoys making her patients feel special by talking to them and actively listening to them to make them feel special. She says her important takeaway from caregiving is placing herself in their place and always treating them with the respect they deserve. Dely says, “for me to love is to care.”


Eusebia has been inspired to become a caregiver because she wanted to gain more knowledge in caring for the elderly. She enjoys caring for her patients and helping their families. Eusebia says, “I know that there are many elders who need love and attention, and I am happy to provide them with assistance even if it’s just for a few hours of the day or week.”

She enjoys talking to her patients and taking her patients for walks. She says she has gained more wisdom from the stories her patients have shared with her. She also enjoys exercising with her patients because she understands the importance of keeping our seniors healthy.


Aline has been honored by her coordinating manager and coordinator for always going above and beyond. She answers the call to be there for her patients when they are in need. She has proven her dedication as a caregiver by showing up on time for her shifts and filling in for cases when help is needed.


Kamini has been an HHA for 8 years. She is known by her coordinating manger to be very hard working and ready to take a case whenever she’s called on. She loves being an HHA and working for White Glove because she loves how respectable the staff is with her. She enjoys the pay, benefits, and being able to take on as many shifts as she is able to.

Her favorite part about being a caregiver is providing care for her patients. She enjoys making her patients feel safe and assisting them with meal preperation and personal care. Her favorite activities with her patient is going on walks, playing games, and reading together.

Thank You!

We are so thankful for our caregivers and appreciate them for all the hard work they put into being part of our exceptional caregiving team. If you want to join our White Glove family, feel free to reach out to our recruiters who are standing by to assist you. Wishing all our caregivers a joyous, safe, and healthy Holiday Season!