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The 6 most frequently asked questions about the White Glove $100 benefit card.

Henny Falkowitz, Senior Benefits Specialist at White Glove, is simply in love with what she is doing.  Whether you have spoken to her about your eligibility for Health Insurance, to inquire about your Flex Card or anything in between, you know what it’s like to talk to sunshine. Henny is the kind of person who is always like “Do I need to get my shirt off my back for you? Sure. Just give me a moment.” She is virtually obsessed about making every caregiver happy.

Henny recognized some misconceptions about our monthly flex benefit and compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions, to ensure you are knowledgeable how to manage and maximize your benefits.

 Nurse: When am I eligible to get my first benefit Flex-card?

Henny: First, Welcome to White Glove! You started out on your first full time assignment. The most common misconception I encounter with new nurses is that they think they need to work 40 hours weekly to qualify for full time benefits, when you are truthfully eligible at 30 hours. Once you complete 30 hours weekly for the four midweeks of the calendar month, you will be eligible to receive your card on the 20th of the following month.  Say, you started out on June 1st, you worked the 30 hours on the 4 midweeks of the month, you will be eligible to get your card on July 20th.

Nurse: Is the benefits card taxed?

Henny: The good news is that Uncle Sam has no bite into those dollars. The benefit card is Nontaxable. The money loaded onto your card is not included on your annual W2. Call it your personal and well-deserved bonus.

Nurse: When in the month will I get my card refilled?

Henny: Once you have received your card for the first time, as long as you keep up your 30 hours per week, your card will be auto filled with $100 on the 20th of every month.

Nurse: Can I only use my card for Cellphone bills?

Henny: This misconception is way too widespread! You can use your card toward any kind of cellphone expenses, medical expenses, dental expenses, pharmacies – (over the counter items and prescriptions), optical expenses or childcare.

Nurse: I am a full-time employee for several months and still haven’t received the benefit card. Why?

Henny: This is my turn to throw back a question to you. “Did you request it?” The flex-card must be requested for the first time, then it is automatically renewed if you work the required number of hours.

Nurse: If I don’t use it one month, what will happen to the money?

Henny: No worries, if you don’t get to use your card the money will roll over to the next month. I recently dealt with a nurse who had forgotten about her card while the card hadn’t forgotten about her and was still accumulating money. She had $1,200 available to use! Though, keep in mind that card can only swipe up to $125 dollars per transaction, which makes it more convenient to spend the money sooner instead of accumulating funds for one bulk transaction.

Henny continuously sings her mantra “The only thing better than our benefits is our customer service.” She suggests that you know our benefits address by heart so you can contact her with no hesitation at hfalkowitz@whiteglovecare.net.

Join us today for a dynamic experience enjoying weekly pay and an unrivalled benefits package.