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Summer Safety Tips

Summer Safety Tips

The warmer weather is upon us and as the sun graces us with its presence let us remember to practice these Summer Safety Tips to help you stay healthy and cool all summer long.

Stay Hydrated

Hydration is key during the summer, especially if you will be spending more time outdoors. The standard suggestion is to aim to drink 6-8 cups of water a day. Make sure to always carry a bottle of water with you just in case you start to feel parched.

hydrate - summer tips

Limit Exposure

Although the sun can be very inviting, when it comes to increased temperatures such as heat waves, it is wiser to keep your outdoor activities shorter. Avoid chances of heat exhaustion by limiting how much time you are spending outside.

limit exposure - summer tips

Apply Sunscreen

Make sure to always carry sunscreen with you and apply before heading out. This way you can protect your skin from the UV rays and avoid sunburn. If you are traveling by car, consider always having a bottle handy when traveling.

sunscreen - summer tips

Dress Appropriately

When possible, try wearing loose, light colored clothing to avoid the sticky feeling that comes with the summer heat. Try avoiding wearing dark colors as those colors tend to absorb the heat. You can even consider topping off your outfit with a lightweight, broadbrimmed hat to keep your head protected from the heat as well. Get stylish and show your eyes some love by wearing sunglasses to protect them from those UV rays as well! These simple changes to your wardrobe can help you stay cool and avoid sunburn.

summer attire - summer tips

Be Mindful of Heat Strokes

When the thermostat rises, it’s natural to feel flushed and perhaps even suffer fatigue, headache, and nausea, but these could also be signs of heat stroke, especially when paired with symptoms like dizziness, confusion, high body temperature, and a surprising lack of sweat. It is important to recognize the signs of heat stroke and call for help immediately if you suspect this dangerous condition.

heatstroke - summer tips