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Spring Forward with our Seniors

Welcome Spring!

Spring is in the air and with the weather getting nicer, it is a great time for our seniors to enjoy the outdoors again. As important as it is for our seniors to be safe, it does not mean they have to minus the fun. Check out these activities they don’t have to travel too far to do.


Gardening is a great way to release stress and help our seniors stay active right in their backyard!


Taking a nice stroll through the neighborhood or even visiting a nearby park is a great way for our seniors to get some Vitamin D and exercise.

Painting Outside             

Encourage our seniors to spark their creativity on canvas with an outdoor painting session, which is also great for getting Vitamin D and keeping their minds sharp.

Outdoor Bingo

As more seniors are vaccinated, they can gather with other vaccinated friends and play Bingo outdoors, which can help combat patient loneliness by allowing them to socialize with their friends.

Have fun!

We hope our caregivers and seniors Spring forward together and enjoy the warmer days ahead of us! With lots of things to do outdoors, the options are endless if you’re having fun. As a reminder don’t forget to have our seniors schedule their vision, dental, and doctor visits to help keep them healthy throughout the season! 🙂