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So, I Passed My NCLEX. Congratulations! And What Now?

Most Nursing students have a vision. They have seen eminent nurses they want to mirror.

Too often those nurses are the popular bedside nurses they have seen on TV shows, when the real-world of nursing is a game of twister. It is a competitive market, where you need reservoirs of strength to get to what you perceive as the perfect job. Putting to practice what you learned on real live people with the nature of the job not allowing for trial and error is challenging.

In an independent survey by White Glove Community Care, 91% of nurses expressed that they found grounding their nursing career more complex than passing their NCLEX. With that being said, 87% of nurses said that their NCLEX exam was the most difficult venture they ever undertook.

If you want to name the greatest enemy of a new grad nurse, that is no doubt, a prestigious facility job. This dream job they envisioned may be great for a seasoned nurse who has flexed her muscles before, but for a newbie in the field it’s like a junior gym-goer running the treadmill on 25 miles per hour.

So those are the nays. Where do I start?

Jessica Manoo, RN Director of the White Glove Externship Program, knows the feeling well. She has been there, done that, and has some real advice to share with new-grad nurses.

“When I explored my options as a new nurse, seven years ago, the possibilities were dizzying but limited. Then I was recommended to the White Glove Externship program, a 2–3-week training program which introduces nurses to real-world nursing. It offered two weeks in the classroom, and another week in the field, before I was ready for my first homecare assignment. It was the steppingstone for my career.

After several years of working in a homecare setting, I was promoted to be an internal Clinical Case Manager, and later the Director of the Educational team. This is White Glove. This is progress.

Being on the other side, I can truly understand the nurses joining the program, and it is my mission to help them avoid the obstacles many new nurses encounter.

Though White Glove Placement may have available hospital positions for New Grads, we find it is very challenging for new nurses to acclimate to that level of intensity on their first assignment. We encourage our nurses to start off in the homecare setting where they can expand their skillsets in a relaxed homecare setting and learn slow and steady.

Once you feel confident enough, you will be more adept to navigate the hospital marathon or further you career in whatever direction your heart desires. “

What Does the Classroom Training offer and How Much Does It Cost?

Our upgraded Externship program offers $2,000 worth of training completely FREE to you. First, you spend two days in a classroom setting. Our Registered Nurse Educator will go through all the protocols you need to know in a healthcare setting, stressing the agency procedures, and re-enforcing the important information you already know.

Then, our Respiratory Therapist will demonstrate the tracheal techniques, such as open and closed suctioning, and more critical skills on the equipment you will use in the home setting. Trainings are interactive and comfortable; you can ask any questions you had that were left unaddressed thus far.

Will I Be Provided with Hands-On Training?

When you feel completely ready, we give you a tour of the real world!

You have the opportunity to train in the home of an actual patient, while an experienced nurse is at work. In a very controlled environment, you can try the techniques you have learnt and get hands-on experience. After two shifts of shadowing, a supervisor will come to accompany you to ensure everything is done right, before clearing you to work. If you feel you need more time in the home before being on your own, we will arrange it for you.

Once I am Ready to Work, Who Will Ensure I Land on the Perfect Assignment?

Now you are ready to meet your White Glove Staffing Coordinator. She will explore the available opportunities with you to ensure you can get a job fitting your preferences, and the acuity of care you are comfortable with.

You Worked Hard to Obtain Your License and We are Here to Help You Protect It.

We have round-the-clock support to help you. No question is too silly to be asked. Our Clinical Care Coordinators know your patient and if you see any abnormalities, we are here to guide you through.

Join our Externship Program here or view our special promotion where you can refer a new grad nurse to our program before 8/31/21 and receive a $200 bonus as soon as s/he completes the first homecare shift with White Glove Community Care.