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Senior Summer Activities

Summer is here and it’s time to keep our seniors active and healthy by encouraging them to do fun activities this summer that can help uplift their spirits. Here are some fun senior activities to consider this summer.

Nature Walks

Going on walks are always a great way for our seniors to exercise and during the Summer, you can both enjoy the different birds that have returned or admire different insects fluttering around like butterflies.

Visit Museums

Some museums offer discounted prices for seniors or even free entrance days or times during the Summer. Allow them to walk around the cool, air conditioned rooms to enjoy the sites. Learn new facts or jog their memories in the process to keep their brains active.

Attend Farmer’s Markets or Flea Markets

Outdoor events are back in full swing and farmer’s markets and flea markets are a great way for our seniors to get fresh fruits and vegetables as well as bargain finds. What will you shop for?

Outdoor Concerts or Events

Check with your local parks for outdoor activities and events like concerts that our seniors may enjoy. Some parks offer free live music concerts, which are great in helping our seniors relax.

Check out the Local Mall

The mall is a great place to stay cool during the summer because it’s air conditioned and there are seats and areas caregivers and seniors can roam about and people watch.

Have a Nice Summer!

Remember to always practice safety, especially during the Summer days ahead. Encourage the use of sunscreen to protect your skin and wearing sunglasses to protect your eyes.

In addition, make sure to always stay hydrated with a water bottle in hand. Keep cool by wearing light clothing when outdoors to help prevent heat exhaustion. Lastly, don’t forget to schedule regular doctor appointments and ensure our seniors have their medications they need. We hope you all have a beautiful Summer!