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Recharging Your Caregiving Energy in the New Year

You may find yourselves burned out, especially if your last year was a challenging one for you. Look forward to this new year with optimism and allow this to be the year of YOU. Recharge your caregiving energy with our tips below:


Meditating is a great way to relieve stress. With many podcasts, apps, and meditation videos out there, you are bound to find one that can help you unwind, especially after a tiring shift.

Dance it out!

Dancing is a great way to get moving and unwind. Play your favorite song and have yourself a dance party to help unwind after a long day.


Yoga is a great form of exercise that allows you to relax your mind and body. Even a quick 15-minute yoga session can help ease the tension in your shoulders.

Paint by Numbers

Paint by number kits is a great activity you can utilize to help distract your mind from everything you’re going through. It’s also a great way to unleash your creativity.

Bubble Bath or Warm Shower

A nice bubble bath with your favorite bath salts or even a nice warm shower can help bring you down to center and cleanse all the negative energy from the day away.


Reading is a great way to help you get lost in a good story to help distract you from the noise of the outside world.

Breathing Exercises

The number one thing you should never forget is to BREATHE. Practicing breathing exercises is a great way to help bring down your stress levels, especially during moments where you find your heart racing.


Journaling is a great way to release all the thoughts that are racing through your mind. It’s also a great way to jot down the things you are grateful for to remind you why life is still worth living.

Happy New Year!

However way you choose to recharge, we hope you remember to find the time you need to relax. We’re so thankful for all our caregivers for all you do for our community. We hope this new year brings you and your family joy, good health, and prosperity. Remember our White Glove family is always here for you.