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Project Fireworks 2023

Launching Project Fireworks, 2023

Just a quick heads up: After reading this article there is a fair chance that you will afford to drive your own Tesla.

About Project Fireworks:

The Mission

White Glove identified the challenge of Job searching in 2023. It is more dizzying than anything for those looking for the combo of the most well-paying opportunities, supportive staff, and frontrunning benefits.

This is all before you talk about the newfound issue of screening through falsified internet ads to determine the accuracy of the promises after deducting all the fine printed stars.

The White Glove Fireworks project was created to spread the word about the one-of-a-kind experience with great pay and benefits to help healthcare professional navigate the confusing job market.

Fireworks in Action

Fireworks is about YOU spreading the spark. Because in a digital era, your friends are depending on you to help them find the right career opportunities instead of scanning through endless, exaggerated Google search responses. Fireworks is about sharing your positive experiences and inviting your friends to enjoy the same.

How The Fireworks Program Works:

Tierre 1-

Blast the Word Out

Every Week in January, we will have a special message from White Glove to Caregivers. You can join us to blast that word out in 3 easy steps to earn a special reward.

  1. Reach out to your White Glove Coordinator to hear the message of the week
  2. Share the message on any of your active Social Media platforms exp. Facebook, LinkedIn etc., You can do so anytime throughout that week, before Saturday at 11:59pm EST.
  3. Send a snip to your coordinator of your social post.
  4. Congrats! You qualify for the Fireworks Tierre 1 Prize – ‘Stars at Starbucks’!

Stars and STARbucks

For every message posted from any of your active Social Media Accounts, receive a $10 reward at Starbucks to kick off a new year with a special caffeine boost!

Tierre 2-

Winning Ad of the week

All posts will be reviewed by the Marketing Department at White Glove for the uniqueness of the style, content, and engagement. A weekly winner will receive a $100 gift card at Amazon!!

Tierre 3- Enlighten your friends

After a cup of refreshing coffee, you are ready move on and forward.

By now, the word is out, and you may very well receive further inquiries, questions or interested feedback from some of your peers.

You can answer the questions you know but you may very well come across some you are not sure about.

The perfect solution; connect them with a White Glove Coordinator

  1. Connect your friend with your White Glove Coordinator today.
  2. Congrats! You qualify to for the Tierre 3 prize – ‘The Special Spark’!!

The Special Spark- Drive Your Own Tesla for One Week or earn $1000 in Cash Value

For each friend you recommend to the White Glove experience you will automatically be entered into a raffle drawing to drive your Tesla for one week*! We can totally see you rolling through the streets in that vehicle;)

*Drawing to be held on February 1st, 2023.