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Our Teams on the “Royal Prince Cruise”

Our Teams on the “Royal Prince Cruise”

All it took was a warm sun, a fabulous cruise, yummy food, and an outstanding team to create unforgettable memories!

The morning of June 6th found our HHA coordination and staffing teams of more than seventy members rolling in from work onto yellow school buses waiting outside. It felt as awesome as a school trip, the teams reminisced while heading to the “Royal Princess Cruise.”.

“The sky was quite dark grey, the rain imminent as we were heading out. We were worried it was going to spoil the fun. But the weather seemed to take us into consideration, when the sky cleared up and the sun peeked out again.” Madeline Chavez, Staffing and Training Manager.

When you’re at your desk, hearing the concerns of your patients, or absorbed to ensure that every caregiver finds their perfect pick, our teams work as one to generate the provide the best to everyone’s satisfaction. Now, we were just an awesome team in for a great time together!

We have been a team for many years spending our lunchtimes sharing our lives. Being together, all giggles, games and selfies was a prize when you see the bounce in everyone. The delectable food choices certainly a fine complement adding to the remarkable elevated spirits!

Everyone’s favorite?

We had 4 beloved team members Olga, Rachel, and Elvia sharing impeccable tips from their own work experience, on how to better assist caregivers and patients. It is eye-opening to see how colleagues have their unique way of doing things. Individualized strategies to keep organized with your workload, on a day-to-day basis. shared impeccable tips from their own experience!

Shout out for Theresa Harrison for capturing our memories beautifully, but the feeling of love, joy, and light was indescribable and can still be felt through our hearts to this day. We want to thank each other for joining us and complementing our memorable trip!