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A Team Geared to Your Custom Needs

To be a successful homecare nurse without letting the burnout hit, you need the backing of a team as great as ours. Unlike any other agency, at White Glove, we have a full team keeping their focus to ensure a smudge free experience for our nurses. We know that homecare nursing is individual for every patient. So, why not customize the homecare experience for every caregiver too?

Get to know our awesome team who would do somersaults to make you happy.

The Recruitment Team

Coming on board with White Glove is closer than a hop skip or jump away. It is about a phone call. Once you reach out, our recruitment team will guide you through closely with a clear directive to help you get on board most efficiently. They will set you up for an informative orientation to advance your skillsets suiting the timing you are available.

Would you like to join our outstanding team? Email any of us! Shira, Beth, Riva, Liz, Reese, Susan, Dina, Emuna, Amy, Renee, Ruth, Devoiry or Chanel at pdnrecruitment@whiteglovecare.net and one of us will respond.

Is your onboarding complete? Congratulations! Time to get to know our awesome team of Scheduling Coordinators.

The Scheduling Team

We know you have a certain vision of what you have in mind for your homecare assignment. Whether it is your first, second or twentieth assignment, we want to hear your preferences. Matchmaking is an art. Our scheduling coordinators know that better than anyone. They are out to “shop the best deal” for you to ensure you land on a case you are fully comfortable with.

Are you looking for the perfect assignment? Reach out to Chevy, Sonya, Macy, Samantha, Lilly, Gittel, Rachel, or Baila to land on the case of your dream.

The Coordination Department

Once you are set up on the assignment, we are constantly here to address any questions or concerns you may have. Whether it is regarding your notes, scheduling, patient concerns or anything in between, you know our number. When being scheduled, your Scheduling Coordinator will connect you with the patient coordinator who will be there to assist you with any matters you may want to address. Rain, Snow, Sleet or Hail, Rebecca, Lori, Nikki, Brany, Eva, Hendy, Jennifer, Rose, Sury, Rivky, Malka, Laura, Dina, Miriam, Sara, Shayna and Sharon are here for you at any hour of the day.

The Clinical Team

Though you are the clinical representative in home, you’ve got round-the-clock clinical support from the White Glove Clinical Team. They are familiar with the patients you are servicing, and you can feel comfortable to resort to them at any hour. Of course, in the case of a true emergency the number to dial is 911.

Any clinical concerns? Melissa, Marie, Mirlyne, Ashley, Jessenia, Jessica, Alicia, Perl and Lauren are here to answer any questions.

The Credentialing Team

Our credentialing team is here to ensure you get enough notice to help keep you compliant with updated documents throughout, sparing you the hassle of remembering those yourself.

Our Payroll Team

White Glove sets your pay as priority. Ensuring a timely, weekly payroll schedule is because we value all we do, and we believe you deserve an experience of ease. And of course, should you have any concerns, Erica, Cindy and Brenda would love to help you.

The Benefits Department                                   

There are some great strings attached to your job as a White Glove homecare nurse including your monthly flex card, free health insurance, Paid sick time and so much more. Our benefits department is obsessed with it that every caregiver enjoys the utmost of benefits while giving so much to the community. Henny won’t get tired from helping ‘her caregivers’ at hfalkowitz@whiteglovecare.net.

Make It Your Team join us for the fun ride without a single speed bump along the White Glove Experience.