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Nurse of Excellence – March 2023

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

When we were young children, my friends used to play a game nurse and doctor. Nursing has been my dream since I can remember. Though to be honest, in my home country, Haiti, it seemed like a far reality. The opportunity of a higher education seemed rather slim. Seeing that, my older sister, may she rest in peace, who was already established in the United States offered to sponsor me to America I will always be grateful to her for extending herself to me in that kind of way.

There are additional challenges when coming from abroad. In Haiti, we learnt mostly in French. Before anything I had to develop a fair English to continue studying. The language barrier was a greater hindrance than I originally thought, but I was not going to give up.

During the years I was working towards my nursing license, I was employed in a group home. I led a group home, caring and administering medication for the residents, mostly mentally impaired. It involved a lot. It was on me to administer the medications for the residents who were mostly mentally impaired, staying in contact with their doctors, and advocating for them to ensure they have the best life they could. I felt this experience provided a small window into the life of a caregiver which later helped me adapt to my role as a nurse.

 What is something you are very passionate about?

Whoever knows me, knows that I am strongly for pursuing a higher education. Some people do not appreciate enough the chance you have here in the US. With my strong encouragement, two of my daughters became Registered Nurses, and the third one went for a career in Social Services. It is important to keep your mind open to learn. I am still learning every day and advise more people to do the same.

How do you find the White Glove experience?

Love it! From the moment I stepped through the door as a new nurse, I was welcomed with a detailed but concise orientation class which truly grounded me. I would not have been the same confident nurse without it.

The White Glove team is one who works with you. Staffers hear my preferences. For instance, I do not drive. They will always route me to cases accessible via public transit. It is just wonderful; thank you everyone!

Those quotes and other empowering broadcasts I receive via email is also great. I truly related to one. “Panic (n) – the greatest enemy of every healthcare professional.” It is so true. We must keep our cool to be able to deliver the best patient care. In the past, while I was still studying, I took a course to be an EMT. While I never ended up using that license, it definitely helps me not to panic knowing that I can be a first responder, should there be a need.

What do you like doing in your spare time?

My hobby has always been sewing. When my kids were young, I would sew everything for them, top to bottom. It looked so beautiful. My second daughter has twin baby girls, and it is fun to use your own fingers to create matching stuff for them.

What are some goals in nursing you have?

I want to learn more and go for my Registered Nursing license. Sometimes my daughters who are RNs tell me. “Mom, you are only an LPN but you know so much more than us!” Still there is still so much more knowledge to attain which can enable me to help more people.

Any message you want to impart to nurses all over?

Sometimes, we get so hassled with the patient care we perform for our patients that we forget to focus on making our patients feel better too. We need to stay mindful to inject our heart in the caring because our patients feel the difference.