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Our monthly Nursing Excellence
Awards allow us to celebrate our
nurses who care for the patients in our

December 2022 Nurse of Excellence

LPN Aduware – December 2022

“When you go into a patients home, we must realize that while we may want to have our space and just do what we have to do, we must respect the families as they are challenged by the lack of privacy when nurses are coming and going from their home. I heard patient complaining of nurses locking the door to the patient to avoid parents on the shift. It’s important for us homecare nurses to adapt to the surroundings and to be flexible with the families and patients we are working with for everyone’s satisfaction!” 

“Thank you Nurse Aduware  for all you do for our community! Read more of her story here.

We are so proud of all our White Glove nurses and we can’t wait to see how you show up for your community. Thank you for all you do!

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