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National Ice Cream Day

C’lick’ing with our teams on National Ice Cream Day!

 Just because we prize every team member, just because we love teambuilding activities to show appreciation to our valued employees – we decided to implant some spontaneous vibes to a regular blue Tuesday!

We created our impromptu Ice Cream Day!

The singsong of an Ice Cream truck interrupted our dedicated staff in the smack of a plain Jane afternoon, distributing bouts of soft and sweet treats under a glorious July sun. The smell of freshly churned ice cream, the sound of laughter and conversation among colleagues, and the feel of the sun’s warmth on everyone’s skin reflected the bright smiles on the faces of our cherished team members.

At White Glove, this is part of our belief system. While our valued employees improve the lives of numerous patients every day; we love to create those moments.

Glance into those unforgettable captures!