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National Caregivers Day

We take pride in our caregivers who genuinely devote themselves to our patients. National Caregivers Day is an opportunity to express our gratitude to all our unique and passionate caregivers for their exceptional work. Read on to hear more about some compassionate and dedicated caregivers among our team, each with unique stories and reasons for choosing this career path.

Maferima BambaBronx, NY

Maferima’s passion for the job is evident in her patient interactions. She truly cares for them, and it shows in the way she goes above and beyond to make their lives better. Patients love her for her kindness, attention to detail, and the genuine care she shows them. She chose caregiving because this is what she loves, and honestly? She believes everyone must love what they are doing to it right!

Carpi Still Hadden, New Jersey

Capri fondly remembers her elementary school nurse, Miss Culver, who left a lasting impression on her and inspired her to become a nurse. She loves her job for many reasons, mainly because it allows her to care for her patients and create meaningful relationships with them. She believes in the importance of asking for help when needed, whether from the clinical team, family, or a mentor. Rather stay safe than sorry – always. Her favorite? One Nurses Week, a family surprised her with a giant stuffed bear dressed up as a nurse.

Nardia Bowell King Brooklyn, NY

Nardia is a champion in communication, period. She believes that talking is the key to building trust and making patients comfortable. Ask any of her patients; she gets so lost in conversation with them that they could literally think their aches and pains are actually felt by her. Nardia loves the diversity of cultures and lifestyles she encounters, making her job exciting. You’ll find her saying: No one does it perfectly, but you gotta try your best!

Francilia Isaac St Aubin Westchester, NY

Francilia understands the importance of treating patients like family. She sees beyond their limitations and focuses on their needs. She can’t help remembering her loved ones in their place. Now more than ever, when caring for a 9-year-old under her care, she thinks of her daughter, who is right around that age, which ties her heart and emotions to her patients. Her willingness to go above and beyond for her patients makes her unique. She always asks if there is anything else she can do before leaving and is not afraid to give advice if she sees a better way to do things.

These are just a few of the fantastic caregivers at White Glove Nursing Agency. Their stories are inspiring, their dedication is unwavering, and their compassion is unmatched. We are proud to have them and all the dedicated caregivers part of our team, and we are grateful to have a hand in the tremendous impact our caregivers have on our patients’ lives every day.

Happy National Caregivers Day!