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July Nurse of Excellence – Etienne Chantal, LPN

Hi Chantal, A pleasure to meet you! Can you tell us about yourself?

Being a nurse is my DNA. Perhaps I am so passionate because of the challenges I faced as I was growing up in Haiti. Life did not come easy for me as a child. This or that, working with my patients is rewarding. The older I get, the stronger my realization is that nursing is not merely what you do. You must be made for it. My sister who is a lot like me saw my love for what I am doing, and finds the same satisfaction in the job, while my daughter went for her RN, but she does not find her calling there.

Nursing propels me. Really, it’s not a job. You work with real people, making their life better. It is about assisting families who are truly in need.

My friends are planning their retirement.

I’d rather not share my age, but I am not planning to retire unless I must.

For years, I was working in a nursing home working 6 days a week, 16-hour shifts.

Several years ago, when I transitioned to homecare, it was the best change of my life. You can find the pin fitted case for you. Especially in White Glove where there seems to be an endless supply of patients. available.

What do you love most about being a nurse?

It’s the little things you do every day that count. I love to touch the lives and try to change the mindset of the families I work with. I have seen some families ignore the patients. Those patients have feelings. It is not about changing the diapers, monitoring vitals, or administering medications. By addressing them as human beings, we help them maintain a sense of dignity. That is what truly leaves the mark, and they respond accordingly.

There was this time I was working with a 14-year-old where the mom stood up to leave the room without greeting the child. The child was crying. I explained to the mom that this child was waiting for an explanation. She understands more than she leads on. After a detailed explanation, she was calmed.

Nursing also gives us a unique place in the patient’s heart, especially elderly patients. When I was working in the nursing home, I came onto the floor one day to see my patient crying!

After several minutes of comforting her, the story came pouring out. Her son, seeing her in the position she is in wanted to sell her house. She was torn of worry over it. I was able to assure her that none of this can happen legally. She will have to sign, and she must not allow it to happen. She was a new person.

I find it is a nurse’s job to educate family members how to better care for their family. Sick patients aren’t dead, and they should be treated alive!

What do you enjoy doing in your off time to refresh your energy after a hard day at work?

You may very often find me engrossed in a good book, or sometimes I’ll just appreciate spending time with me, myself and I. Sort of a luxury, when you’re a nurse! After my knee surgery several months ago, I need to do exercise to get back to moving. I love doing it with my little partner Kimora, my granddaughter of 5 years old. She knows the moves and is great at doing them too!

Do you have any advice for more nurses?

Do something amazing for your career and join White Glove! In the past I worked with other agencies, but after signing up, I found myself stuck without work. Here, you have the broadest of a variety of cases. Additionally, you get free medical insurance, a great plan excepted by top doctors and practices.