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Jacintha Receives the first Banner of Extraordinary Caregiving!

We launched the new banner of extraordinary caregiving to allow us to recognize dedicated caregivers who stand out in the community. White Glove coordinators are given the chance to nominate caregivers who genuinely make a difference to be celebrated.


Meet Jacintha.

A devoted HHA with White Glove Community Care.

Nominated By: Naisha Rodriguez, Reception Team

Naisha Shares: “I admire Jacintha! Her positive and steady smile is contagious. She is a true team player, always ready to help her patients when they need her!”

 Three fast Facts:

  • She comes from the beautiful Island, of Saint Lucia
  • Her one and only daughter Lasell living in England is a Registered Nurse!
  • She was recommended to White Glove by a friend, then she referred her cousin to us!

What she loves about her job:

Jacintha adores the older generation, enjoying making them happy! She is a people person and makes real connections with her patients, becoming like a daughter to them. You won’t guess it, but her hobby is cleaning. Not only do her patients benefit from a spotless home, but she likes the process of cleaning their homes.

What makes her extraordinary?

Jacintha thinks of the seniors as people who were once young. She often tells her daughter that you just never know how you will be when you get older. Her goal is to treat them like she would want to be treated.

Jacintha focuses on cleanliness and hygiene. She keeps the homes perfectly tidy and showers her patients twice a day.  She finds that well-kept homes keep residents from feeling lonesome or depressed. Also, she makes sure to take her patients out for some fresh air here and there, bringing sun and smiles to life!

A message from Jacintha to more White Glove Caregivers.

“We should work as a team! Caregivers should give a full report to the next one on what happened during their shift.”

Thank you, Jacintha, for everything you do!

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