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 Inside Story of Dani Martinez

Daniel is only 23 years old, but he has taught us a lot.

Sometimes he makes us think wiser, often he makes us appreciate our blessings, and times very many, he makes our team smile.

If you are wondering, Daniel is a twenty – three years old with a diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy, Chronic Respiratory Failure, Vent and Trach dependent non-verbal and non-ambulatory.

We first got to know Daniel’s wonderful mom, Zoila, some 3 years ago when he was referred to White Glove Private Duty Nursing Services by Montefiore Medical Center. It is unbelievable, but we feel like family, and cannot imagine life at White Glove without the Martinez family. They became an icon of motivation for the nurses working on his care, the coordinators, and overhead staff. Nothing will ever phase Zoila or convince her why she needs to be down. Her smile and great words are always there.

You see, Daniel is one of eleven, but you could think he is an only son.

Zoila shares:

“Daniel was welcomed a new member to the family on May 17 of 2023, he was beautiful, healthy with sharp brown eyes. Or so we thought.

We did not predict something was off when I cuddled my 5th baby, by now a pro at motherhood. That was until I fed Daniel. Then things happened too rapidly, doctors, nurses, tests, everything pointed to it that Daniel suffers from Bowel Obstruction. Life was never the same for us. After an invasive procedure on his intestines and 2 months of recovery in the hospital, Daniel was welcomed home. His needs were ever changing. At 3 months, he was diagnosed with a chronic seizure, but for the next few years there was a fair status quo of his care. Then, I still cared for him all by myself, it was so wonderful!

Throughout the next few years, life kept us busy. We welcomed another few brothers and sisters of Daniel to the home. 

When Dani turned eight, we had a hard season, when he was placed onto a G-tube. It was then when we first explored homecare, but we did not qualify for nursing just yet.

Dani was always susceptible to everything, and we had to be very careful all the while to ensure he remained safe. He was always living on the miracle, recovering from pneumonias and we had to be ultra careful.

That was stage one of Dani’s life.

When the world was thinking of COVID, in that 2020 summer, Dani seemed uncomfortable. He was full of gas.  I remember telling my husband that something seems quite off with Dani’s belly. He was unusually gassy, and then he started vomiting.

 That was only the beginning to the roughest year of our life. Dani was hospitalized for long months, all during a time when visitation was very limited, if completely banned at some point. It felt awful leaving our child out there without being able to properly care for him. The doctors thought he won’t make it.

 That much was clear, Dani will need a trach, and stay vent dependent. I remember one day when the Social Workers took us out for a family photo shoot, sort of in prep for the worst. But Dani was stronger. Living with a smile, proving them all wrong!

The insurance company thought Daniel should be going to a rehab because he is too sick to go home. That’s where I stepped my foot down. Quality of life is as important as life itself and for my Dani to be without family was unthinkable. We won that too and here we are with the most amazing team of nurses! They keep us going, literally doing my job, making things so much easier!

I must add that Daniel is a great boy. He brings only joy wherever he goes. His siblings, his nurses – everybody loves him!

My sincerest thanks to each member of the team of nurses enabling us to keep Dani happy at home, Marie Luci, Carol, Colette, Gifty, Michael and Shameika! No words can ever express how grateful I am for all you are doing!”

If there is ever a day going headfirst, seeming like the unplanned is happening – the Martinez family is an incredible source of inspiration for our team.

Dani’s Story is one of the many that we observe every day. White Glove nurses have their incredible touch in the lives of many. Join us today.