The Importance of our Homecare Essential Workers During COVID-19
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The Importance of our Homecare Essential Workers

In these challenging times, it is important for us to acknowledge the essential workers who are working on the frontlines. Included in the essential workers, are our very own home health aides, our home care nurses and our field nurses. These are the individuals who provide 1:1 patient care for those in our community who are most vulnerable and to those that need continuity of care. Our most vulnerable consists of those who are elderly, those who are disabled, chronically ill, terminally ill, and pediatric patients with chronically ill conditions.

Our home health aides are our rock stars that assist our patients with their daily living activity needs including mobility assistance, meal preparation, cooking, accompanying them to medical appointments, light housekeeping, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, and more. Our private duty home care nurses are our protectors who provide quality skilled care to our patients with ventilators, tracheotomy, or feeding tubes. They monitor the patient’s conditions and access their medical needs. Our field nurse supervisors ensure that the aides and nurses are supervised and provide oversight of the care in the home.

They treat our most vulnerable patients with compassion, respect, and diligence. We are thankful for them for getting up every day and traveling to our patient’s homes to give them the care that they need. Without them, our most vulnerable would have no one else to care for them, and for that we call them our heroes. The next time you see a caregiver or private duty nurse or a field nurse supervisors, please offer them a round of applause for all they do because they our essential workers who help keep the most vulnerable people in our community alive and well during this challenging time.

Thank you Healthcare workers