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How to Keep Seniors Safe This Thanksgiving

With the holidays approaching, more families are vaccinated and resuming family gatherings. It is still important for us to be mindful of our most vulnerable community especially the seniors we care for. When making your Thanksgiving arrangements consider our tips to keep your loved ones safe.

Keep Gatherings Small

If you are gathering with your loved ones, consider keeping your gatherings small when having your elderly loved ones over. Recommend your guests to get tested prior to gathering especially if they are unvaccinated. Minimizing the number of guests can keep your elderly and most vulnerable guests safe by limiting contact.

Limit Physical Contact

When gathering with your loved ones try to limit physical contact to help avoid spreading any germs. Make sure to isolate those who are sick, so they do not risk getting your loved ones sick. Consider having your guests keep their face masks on when not eating as another preventative measure to keep your loved ones safe.

Virtually Connect with Them

The safest way to keep our seniors safe is to virtually celebrate with them versus gathering with them in large gatherings. This allows them to be safe, while still being able to connect with them even if it must be through a computer or phone screen.

Deliver Food to Them

If you choose to be socially distant with them, do consider delivering them some food so they know you cared enough to bring food to them.  Just the thought of a quick food delivery visit is enough to show your loved ones you’re still there for them during the holidays.

Thank You

We are so thankful for all our caregivers and nurses for all they do for our community! We also want to thank all the families who continue to choose us to help care for their loved ones. We appreciate having you as part of our White Glove Community Care family and we wish you and your loved ones a safe, warm, and enjoyable Thanksgiving season.