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How Do Caregivers Tackle The A.M. Rush?

There is no right way of utilizing minutes when the time is tight, and we still have the world to get done. Going from the sleepy comfort of bed into a rigorous early workday is like crossing several bridges. Talk about the morning rush.

How do you manage your morning when your shift is on for early A.M.? Ever wondered how other nurses make it to work?

Guerda Philips, Ashley Arce, Alexis Shwide and Shallynie, Great White Glove Community Care nurses just like you share what their morning marathon is like. You will be surprised how distinguished our routines are one from another and just how much nurses squeeze into those scarce moments.

Guerda greets the morning when the streets are still dark, at 5am. Her clothes are neatly prepared the night before, leaving her only to freshen up with a morning shower before heading out to work. Though her mornings are still hectic, Guerda gives credit to her organized schedule which makes her 7am start at work manageable. “I am lucky enough to have my own car making things so convenient, honestly, I was one of the only students in nursing school who drove my own car.” Guerda has no time to prepare or eat breakfast at home, but thankfully her housekeeper prepares breakfast for her the night before and she eats it at her patient house. “The way from my home in Springfield Gardens to Far Rockaway, where my patient lives, should not take more than 15 minutes, but with the morning traffic it takes a stretched hour.” Guerda always heads out early enough to give herself the time of being trapped behind school buses that stop, thus arriving several minutes early to work. Guerda comments that it is sometimes hard to get out of the sleepy under-the-cover mode into the working spirit but thinking about her patient waiting for her, surely makes it easier.

When we asked Alexis about what her morning rush looks like she smiled. “I am honestly not the right person to talk to about morning rush because my mornings are not hassled at all.” Alexis enjoys a pretty leisure morning routine with her assignment starting at 10am. But Alexis is determined to enjoy the freshness of morning, rising before 7am. Weather permitting, she sits out on her porch and absorbs the fresh morning air while her fiancé prepares breakfast for both. (Isn’t this girl lucky?) Then they enjoy some quality time eating the meal and drinking some coffee. Alexis feels her breakfast really helps her stay focused on the full day at work.  “Morning is me-time for me. I could sometimes still get a walk in the morning too.” Alexis has an easy commute of 15 minutes by car and usually arrives early to work. She maximizes her short travel time, making it pleasurable with her favorite music.

“It is always busy during mornings.” Is Ashley’s first response. “Your mind is still foggy, and you have to motivate yourself to head out to work.” Ashley wakes up at 6am and she can only afford 40 minutes before heading out if she wants to make it comfortably to her patient’s home at 8am. She ensures all is done the night prior because there is not a moment to spare. “I am lucky enough to have the support of my in-laws. They take my two boys of ages 4 and 7 to school. Without them, it would be impossible to work.” Ashley makes her way from Jersey to Long Island City by train then transfers to a bus. She utilizes the time to relax and take a short nap. When she gets off the bus, she would stop by at one of the bagel shops to get a coffee and breakfast to freshen up and get ready for a full day of meaningful tasks.

There are many reasons why Shallynie loves working with her patient. Accessible transportation by train is no doubt one of the great perks. Shallynie’s mornings are energizing. She hops out of bed at 5:30am and sets to brew her coffee. “While the coffee is brewing, I take the time to do some yoga and push-ups. People sometimes find it interesting that I do it at this hour of the morning, but honestly this is the only time of the day I can think of myself.” Shallynie observes that in the recent years the train cars are absolutely quiet. Most people are on their phones and the silence allows you to relax. “The train is where I can read the news without feeling guilty why I am not doing a million other things.”

What does your morning look like? We asked that question on your favorite Social Media platform. Go find us and comment what your morning is like. And however you choose to organize and cope you’re A.M. hours, take our best and brightest on every hustled morning!