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Fun Things to Do with Seniors this Winter

Have fun with our Seniors!

As we welcome winter, let us make time for bringing warmth, love, and fun into caregiving. After all, caregiving is a rewarding job you should look forward to everyday. Check out these fun activities you can incorporate into your caregiving activities to help make it fun for our seniors this winter:

Get Crafty!

Break out the coloring books, crayons, scissors, and construction paper.  You can make beautiful creations with the seniors you care for to unleash their creativity and help them keep their brains active.

Have a Dance off!

If your senior can move around freely, why not challenge them to a dance off. Bust out their old records and hit the living room dance floor. If they are limited with their mobility, then just play their favorite tunes and have them sway around to the beat.

Get some Exercise!

There’s always time for exercise and our seniors need to make sure they keep moving to help strengthen their bones and muscles. Keep it moving with simple indoor exercises you can do together.

Start a Book Club Together

Reading is a great way to keep our senior’s minds active. Start a book club by choosing a book you and the senior you care for may enjoy reading and discuss what you both liked or didn’t like about the book.

Play Some Games

Introduce some fun board games to play with your seniors. Make it fun by creating a fun reward to offer the winner.

Season’s Greetings!

We are so thankful for our caregivers for being there for our most vulnerable community who need them most. We hope this winter season brings you warmth, joy, and laughter. Please stay safe and remember we are always here for you.