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Exclusive Financial Wellness Course

New!  Exclusive Financial Wellness Course Brought to White Glove Caregivers and Families

Free Financial Workshop with Leading Financial Advisor

We are excited to invite you to a free financial workshop covering the fundamentals of budgeting and investment to help you make informed financial decisions to achieve your goals. We will provide you with practical tips and strategies that you can use to manage your finances effectively and gain control of a bright future.

The WHY behind the workshop:

Knowing the inside stories of Super Human Beings who devote physical and emotional energy, then some more energy they sometimes don’t have to bring smiles to patients in need; we were too glad when self-care finally became a popular topic amongst healthcare professionals.

But while general well-being is in conversation, so much remains untold regarding financial wellness. Financial health is grown-up self-care. How can you ensure a stress-free and secure future without financial security?

Save the Date!

Budgeting, income protection, investment, retirement, and all there is to know to secure your financial future!

Choice of two times to accommodate your schedule!

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Class 1: February 6, 12pam EST time

Class 2: February 6, 9 pm EST time

We look forward to seeing you!