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Corporate Employee Appreciation Day in McCarren Park

Employee appreciation is a big deal at White Glove Community Care. Though, we can’t take more than little credit for the great company culture and friendly air the office walls continuously observe. Let’s be up front. Our employees are solid awesome. Namely, Yamaris keeping us updated on the latest music rockstars, Vivien, obsessed with her game of Pokémon, Jenny who bores us with her travel adventures to the Caribbean (kidding, we love hearing her tales =), or Pamela always at fault for even the greatest cynic in tears with her never-ending humor supply.  And that is before you talk about Olga Lino, no doubt a team favorite. She shares her homemade treats all the time if you were wondering.

They are the real deal, those teams. Givette Gonzalez, Director of Intake and Marketing smiles every time she says the line we know by heart. “How our staff packs up their energy and engross themselves in the details of every schedule is a serious mystery.” But she knows, like the rest of us, that it is the 1000-watt passion they put into their work that makes our caregivers just love the personalized White Glove Experience. All we feel like doing is giving every team member a huge thumbs up and of course, plan a remarkable appreciation event every so often. Those events are a bundle of absolute fun and laughter. Wait till you hear about the latest family picnic we hosted under the July sun.

The Planning of the Event

The most remarkable part of the event was the active involvement of the inhouse staff and managers in the planning and prior arrangement. It was a big project, from choosing the venue to planning the menu and brainstorming the wackiest activities. Many company corporate events end up lacking the family touch and togetherness, being too corporate to feel comfortable. We were aiming for cozy vibes, where every member to feel a sense of belonging. This vision of an event leaded us to settle for a family picnic. Staff members could join with any number of family and friends, as long as they were registered ahead of time.


The Arrival Vibes

On Saturday, July 23rd, if you would pass McCarren Park early afternoon, you’d probably stop to take another look. One car after the other, rolled in, with families spilling out into the glorious weather for a fun day. There was soft music playing in the background. You cannot describe what it was like when there were literally attendees of all ages. Some staff members brought their young kids, while others brought older parents, a partner, or a friend.

The committees and managers came earlier to welcome all the staff members on tables where various raffle prizes were held. There were seven raffle packages, an entertainment and media basket, a Carnival basket, a Selfcare Kit basket, advanced art basket, Coffee lover basket, happy hour basket with ingredients to make cocktails, and a kids toys prize with virtually every kid’s toy on planet earth. Upon entry, every attendee got raffle tickets that they could place into their desired prize. Obviously, the kids’ tickets were blocked entry from the cocktails prize. Once everyone settled down, there were many tables prepared with all kinds of finger food, sandwiches, and sodas. There was plenty of candy and snacks too. This event was catered for toddler to retirees, and it was planned with every taste bud in mind.

Entertainment: Everyone’s favorite

When everyone was settled, mingling in the shade together, the teenagers naturally bounced into a little dance pulling everyone along.  It was something. You could see the weekend side of every coworker. Also, it was nice to chit chat and get to know their families. Now, it was time for fun. It was cool when our Director of Marketing and Intake assumed the role of a cheerleader and head counselor, leading the games for the teenagers, kids, and adults. Never mind, the role suited her so well. There was a lot of laughter going on as those games were played, from the potato sack races that left you breathing hard, to the tug of war or the egg-tossing game that you better not lose. The kiddie winners of every game were rewarded with little prizes, while the adults go a raffle ticket just for playing, and three for winning.

Time to Go

White Glove staff members could not believe it that the day was gone when it felt like it had just started. It was time to get some drink bottles and other souvenirs as a fond reminder of a lovely day well spent together. Finally, it was time for the raffles. The momentum skyrocketed. Kids were clapping and even the adults were so hopeful when the names were pulled to the clapping of more than a hundred attendees.

 The Reverberating Effects

White Glove Community Care staff returned, rejuvenated and ready to conquer the world. Rather, ready to help every caregiver conquer the world with an ideal assignment and guiding you through seamlessly, like before. It is called a reboot. Not only computers need that.