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Celebrating Our Clinicians

Celebrating Our Clinicians in Williamsburg Hotel Restaurant!

When the calendar sparked May AKA Nurses Month, White Glove administration was euphoric and adamant about making this timing very special for White Glove Clinicians to convey our profound appreciation for their year – round dedication and support.

Nurses in the administrative role shoulder a great deal of responsibility. They are also forced to adapt, adjust, and be fast to learn new settings, protocols, and environments. Nurses in the field, patients, their families, along with White Glove team members are astounded how our Clinicians stretch above, beyond, and over to coordinate that the patient’s safety is maintained.

May 11th 5:00pm

More than our amazing Clinical Team, everybody in the organization was thrilled to see our internal team of nurses being surprises with a special outing! They all carpooled in amazing spirit, heading out directly from the headquarters at our main office in Brooklyn to Williamsburg Hotel Restaurant.

The venue was carefully selected to accommodate everyone. We ruled out steakhouses as many amongst our team are vegan.

The food was divine and the atmosphere so pleasant and comfortable. The serious teamwork that propels the high standard of efficiency now took a turn for fun, with a warm sense of camaraderie.

It was everyone enjoying themselves together, the hierarchy of positions recognizable in the workforce not even recognized.

Once the food was all done, there was a beautiful pool on the rooftop, and different amenities available for some R & R!

 All in all, it was a fantastic outing, with ideal vibes. It was a little token to express our admiration for our amazing team of Clinical Case Managers.  Yet we know that there is no real way of saying thank you!