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Back to School! Get 20% off at Moxie Scrubs

Infusing September with the air of a new beginning is not contingent on the ironed uniform, freshly sharpened pencils, or an organized backpack. Making the page break may not be as natural as in middle school. It requires a conscious and mindful effort to get into the mode.

But the summer is behind us, and holidays are a fine jump to the future. Why deny us the opportunity to invigorate the season?

Inspired by White Glove caregivers, we are sharing a list of creative ideas on how to get into the back–to–school atmosphere leaving school out of the equation!

Try something new!

Leave fear behind and go for new opportunities to discover new parts of self you never knew existed.

Organize Your Life!

Step up and embrace the predictability of routine again. Consider rearranging your home and clearing your closets.

Set your goals!

Think: What achievements are you aiming for in 2023-2024?

Remember Selfcare!

Adapting back to your typical schedule means that you dare not forget yourself. Be kind to yourself and designate increments of time to care for you!

Freshen your wardrobe!

Social science research reported by the University of Nevada shows that a person’s physical appearance has a meaningful impact on their life experiences. Look great, feel great!

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