2022 Backback Sponsorship- White Glove Community Care
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White Glove Sponsored More than a Thousand Backpacks this Back-to-School Season

September back to school preparations are an unmistakable mix of anticipation and excitement of a new beginning for every child. It is one of those seasons that can be just a tad more overwhelming for a healthcare family. White Glove Placement sponsored some cool and convenient backpacks for more than a thousand children healthcare heroes this back-to-school season. It is nearly as sophisticated as a nursing bag, boasting four pockets, with a youthful touch and place for a water bottle too.

Little Heroes Speak About Their Roles

In an independent Empower Survey, we questioned hundreds of children how they find it in their special shoes. Their answers were eye-opening and offered a new angle into the lives of our healthcare families. We brought some excerpts to you.

What I Love About It

 “Mom knows exactly how to care for me when I am sick.”

Tracey Mosley, 10th grade, daughter of a nurse mom

“I like to brag that my dad is an actual hero!”

Ayoob Tahbet, 1st grade, son of a nurse-dad

“I feel so lucky, and I do not visit the doctor as often as my friends because my mother knows so much.”

Naila Kerr, 3rd grade, daughter of a nurse-mom

 “It is amazing to have a great role model to look up to. I also have someone who I see works hard all the time and continues succeeding and inspires me to do the same in my own way! I also get to learn some important facts at the side.”

Nicole Sierra, 12th grade, daughter of a nurse-mom

“My mother can relate to my school classes, and she helps me get through especially those health/science classes.”

Emmanuela Agada, 11th grade, daughter of a nurse-mom

“No limits on my video games when mom is at work.”

Alexander Gonzalez, 10th Grade, Son of a nurse-mom

“I have my own nurse at home!”

Adonias Preston. 2nd grade, son of a nurse-mom

“Having both parents in healthcare, I find it very interesting hearing about different hospital experiences that they encounter.”

Jesuca Kaelle, 11th grade, daughter of nurse-mom and nurse-dad

“It feels like a privilege to have a mother who helps so many and at home she is able to help us lead a healthy lifestyle.”

Trisha Baah, 10th grade, daughter of a nurse-mom

 What I find Challenging

“I love it that my mother is in a role where she cares for many people, but those long shifts can sometimes be hard for us kids.”

Easton Forsyth, 5th grade, son of a nurse-mom

“I miss my dad when he is at work, but I feel proud because he is saving lives.”

Rochelle Ginsburg, 5th grade, daughter of a nurse-dad

“Being the oldest, I have to help around the house when my mother is at work.”

Arinzia Sledge, 9th Grade, daughter of a nurse-mom

“When my mother gets called in to work on one of her days off.”

Aislinn Falk, 7th grade, daughter of a nurse-mom

“I am super proud on a day to day, but it is hard when sometimes dad is on duty on the holidays.”

Yorie Charles Labrador, 10th grade, son of a nurse-dad

 What I Want to Be When I Grow Up

When questioning the children what they want to be when they grow up, we were not surprised when 54% of children said they want to be nurses and help as many people as their parents do. A significant 21% said they aim to be doctors, while 12% named a variety of other professions in healthcare they dream of. 4% of children either did not think about it or are still deciding, and 9% have their eyes on other areas.

The Philosophy Behind Our Backpack Promotion:

White Glove is committed to an empowered partnership with our distinguished team of par excellence healthcare professionals. Contrary to common belief that nurses are part of the stone structure of the hospital, we know that every nurse or allied health professional has a life out of the walls of their employment. Every caregiver is not a name, ID, and schedule. The work and homelife balance can sometimes quake by the crazy work schedule involved or exhaustion following the shifts. We have been told by numerous caregivers about guilty feeling they experience for not giving enough time for family, friends, children, or pets. While we don’t support the guilt, we do believe that the biggest misconception some healthcare companies have is viewing healthcare employees as a single entity. The White Glove Placement value system is to provide more than a job, but a comprehensive experience.