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10 Things to Know for Your First Day at Work

Brought to you from the desks of our knowledgeable Staffing coordinators.

 Whether it is your first or twentieth homecare patient you are visiting for the first time, those first days have a sense of unfamiliar adventure in common. Here is a compiled list of things you must know to kick off those annoying first days on a positive note!

We Are Here for You

We hope you are equipped with all the knowledge for your first day. Make sure you are familiar with our documentation system, our timekeeping process, patient preferences, medical needs, then everything in between. Now we are here to back your success. If you have any further questions, please get in touch for clarification!

Get a Good Night’s Sleep


An adequate amount of sleep is like oxygen for our mind, body, and soul. Being our well–rested, best selves will give you a head start in a clear mind and a brighter morning.

For night nurses: A quality nap is crucial for a successful PM shift.

Expect the Challenge 

Your first day on the job can get intimidating, if not overwhelming (hopefully exciting, too!). Prepare with a positive attitude and open mindset, ready to confront the discomfort accompanying every new beginning. And remember, this is the start of an excellent assignment!

Come on Time

Arrive early enough to give yourself the time to relax and familiarize with the patient before the start of your shift. Consider parking or public transportation delays, which may influence your actual ETA into the home.

A Good Meal Goes a Long Way!

Prep a wholesome lunch (dinner and/or snack), including your favorite foods the night before, to keep you happy and content during your shift.

*It is advisable to ask the family when and where they prefer you eat to avoid misunderstandings.

Be Confident

Your confident self is always your best self. You possess suitable credentials for the job and will do an outstanding job on the case once you transition in.

Feeling timid? It is okay to pretend a calm composure.

Breathe in, breathe out. Relax.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

The procedures differ from one patient to the other. It is only normal to have questions. Question the nurse you take over or a family member on the premises. Not sure what to do? Our clinical Manager is a phone call away!

Learning is all that the first days are all about!


Use your smile! At no cost to you, it is the easiest contribution to the right first impression.

Be a Team Player

Being respectful, courteous, and kind from the start will help you foster pleasant relationships with the family, the patient, and more nurses on the care team. Show that you are willing to go by their preferences (obviously only within the plan of care guidelines) they will automatically be more trusting and comfortable in your presence.

Give Us Feedback! 

While you are navigating your first day in a new home, we can hardly wait to hear about your experiences on the assignment! Please let us know how you like it and if there is anything we can do to assist you!

Getting ready for your next first day?

You can download the ‘10 Things to Know for Your First Day’ here on a card ready for print!

Looking for your next assignment?  You can quick apply now, schedule a call with a live recruiter, or browse hot jobs first.

Good Luck!