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Back To School: Saluting Children of Heroes

White Glove Salutes Children of Heroes

There are countless reasons for kids to take pride in their parents’ healthcare profession. For the most part, their role has a unique set of awesome perks. Yet they may be beneficiary to the strings attached as well. We decided to add another great pro to the many.

We are Sponsoring Backpacks for Back to School

White Glove is sponsoring high quality, youthful schoolbags for the children of healthcare heroes. We hope to make the back-to-school transition easier for you and exciting for them. Register for children ages 6-16 years. *2 per family maximum applies **Limited stock. Be fast to sign up before promotion expires.

The White Glove Community Care Goal

A prime striving point at White Glove Placement is to ensure a work and home life balance for our nurses and allied health professionals. This got us to wonder how the children of our devoted caregivers find it in their role and what an agency can do to enhance life for the families of healthcare workers.