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Tips for Caregivers During the Holidays

The holidays can be a stressful time for everyone, especially if you’re a caregiver. During the busy holiday season, we can be tempted to increase in unhealthy behaviors such as eating more sweets or sleeping less. Here are some tips to help you get through the holidays with less stress and more joy.

Recognize the signs of stress and burnout.

When you’re a caregiver, you tend to give and give, especially during the holidays when you give even more. High stress levels or full burnout can creep up on you, which is why it’s important to know when you need a break.

Anticipate your holiday triggers.

Are there holiday activities or toxic relatives that may trigger stress or unhappy memories? Do you start to feel grief or loss that trigger you during the holidays? Know when to say no to things and people who may cause unwanted stress. Limit yourself to exposures or avoid certain places, events, and people that may trigger you.

Have self-care on the top of your list.

We can’t stress enough how important self-care is, especially when you’re busier than usual. Even taking a five minute break for meditation or a brisk walk around the block can help clear your mind.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Just because your job is to care for others, doesn’t mean others can’t care for you! Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t hesitate to pick up that phone and call up a friend or family who can help you out, even if it’s just to help run an errand or watch the kids so you can take a break.

Plan ahead!

Planning is key during the holidays, to help keep you on track of all the things on your list. Make lists and/or set reminders on your phone to help you prioritize and get things done.

Simplify your holiday activities.

Believe it or not, you don’t have to attend every single event or participate in all the holiday activities. Scale down on the holiday frenzy by participating in things you know won’t interfere with your schedule or sanity. You can even avoid the drama altogether and have a small intimate gathering with your family.

Season’s Greetings!

Thank you to all our caregivers and staff for all you do for our community. We appreciate all of you for your hard work and we hope this holiday season brings you and your family love, joy, and peace throughout the New Year to come!