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How to Deal with the Newfound Monster: Inflation

Even if you are a math kind of person, when it gets to calculating your current bills, noticing a hundred percent increase in gasoline prices, 10.8% increase in food prices and an 8.5% increase in retail prices, the numbers add up to something that looks like life is not affordable. Educating yourself how to multiply your income and save dollars, will help you maintain a comfortable lifestyle instead of sinking in an endless penny-pinching saga.

White Glove has brought you some helpful tips and offers how to navigate the highest inflation levels in 40 years.

 Vote for Pay Versus Convenience

Convenience or pay? Pay or convenience?

Ever faced the challenging decision which one is more important to you? In the current timing, it is beneficial to recalculate if we are making the right choice when opting for the easy route. Because sometimes easy is difficult and difficult is easy.

 Keep a Budget

Money has a weird tendency of slipping out from between the fingers, before we manage to notice we have earned it. It is best if we take the time to calculate and plan an annual budget, so we don’t end up in the red. You may choose to get help from a budgeting advisor if self-budget does not work.

 Consider Making Secure Investments

If you think we advise risking hard earned money. NEVER.

You may want to scan the possibility of investing in U.S. treasury bills which is a great short-term investment with solid and predictable gains. Locking your money into a certified deposit account will also generate a quick and easy profit. Wherever you choose to invest, it is important to do the full homework to ensure your money is safe and sound.

 Check If You Are Eligible for the White Glove Benefits Card

A part of the expenses that moved faster than general inflation are pharmaceutical products. Unlike at times when only the brand products were increasing, there is a current increase in the prices of over 800 generic drugs as of January ‘22. Nurses receiving the White Glove 100 benefits card are very relieved to have their pharmacy costs and more expenses covered.

 Eat Home

Eating out every night is not very beneficial for our waists or pockets. Homemade foods are an absolutely delicious way of saving money.


Ask any nurse with a daily commute, it is the gasoline prices eating our income. Carpooling with other nurses or utilizing the MTA transit system (cheaper than a slice of pizza!) is a great way to save.

Don’t Get Excited About Sales

Sales are awesome. But. There is a but to it. Sales are awesome for the items that we really need. Bargain syndrome or the excitement people have when getting what they feel is a good deal is the number one killer for every successful budget.

Utilize Tickets at Work Discounts

Whether it is the labor shortage, high gasoline prices or a rising demand that is driving up the costs this vacation season, it translates into an unthinkable dollar amount. We encourage our nurses to take advantage of our Tickets at Work benefit, which provides all active White Glove employees with great discounts for travel, technology, movies, car rentals, hotels, food deliveries, attractions and so much more. Make it a great summer!

White Glove Community care is with you to help you get through those complicated time by offering the highest payrates and benefits. Get to know more benefits here to navigate the inflation monster easily.