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Halloween with White Glove Community Care

Happy Halloween – kicking off the Holiday season with a dash of spook! Think about celebrating the ghostly day with a team as wacky and fun as ours. The costume ideas were so outlandish that you could just stay with your mouth in a round O shape. Is that really Catherine under those freaky red horns and is that cranky old wimping lady Naisha Rodriguez? See some of the coolest Halloween costume picks our team members came up with!

Elyn Diaz dressed up like a beautiful fairy tale princess, knowing her, that is truthfully the kind of person she is making the worst situations look rosy!

Catherine Godoy felt you cannot skip the spooky nature of your Halloween dressup

We had to look many times to confirm that this limping old lady in the office is really Naisha Rodriguez.

Obsessed with Scooby Doo year-round, this was Brittney Watt’s opportunity!

We were so not shocked when Katherine Rodriguez dressed up as a Progressive Insurance Agent. She is great at making the best sales pitch for everyone, by the way.

Patricia Gomez gave no name to her costume; her goal was to just spook everyone out!

We must admit Alondra’s pirate attire suited her way too well.

Lariza Gomez kept us all safe from the freakish faces lurking around.

Christina Pagan made the most hilarious gypsy posing together with our Ninja, Jessica Cruz.

Happy Halloween!