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Did Anyone

Say Party?

Host a party this Nurses’ week without the prepping or planning.

And the headache of course.

Host a Party Here >

Think about waking up one day to find your home dressed in steamers and the la-la-loo of a party atmosphere. The savory smell of hot food and salads overtake the air as your friends cheer into your favorite song.

Sounds like your Birthday? How sad, we were only born once!

But there are more reasons to celebrate.

If your calendar pop-ups are still asleep, here’s a heads up: The 6th of May is fast to step forward, AKA Nurses’ Week. That makes it your week.

We. Must. Celebrate. Did you think otherwise?

No need to get on the hook to order décor, table settings or a food menu, because we’ve done all the legwork just for you and your nurse friends.

Before you finish saying “How can I host a party?” you can be booked for your nurses’ week party with fun coming your way.

  1. Register for your Nurses’ week party
  2. Invite 5 or more Nurse participants to celebrate
  3. Delivered! Find your party at your doorstep!
  4. Enjoy your Nurses’ week like never before

Be fast to sign up.

*This is a limited offer for active White Glove employees, expiring after a thousand sign ups.


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