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Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month

National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month is celebrated in March of every year to bring awareness how to break down the barriers individuals with Cerebral Palsy face. As we continue to service numerous Cerebral Palsy patients in the community with the highest quality care, White Glove Community Care takes this time to limelight the caregivers working with Cerebral Palsy patients to help them lead their best life.

Alicia Wagstaffe Higgins, LPN, is working with a 16-year-old patient with Cerebral Palsy since June of 2022.

 “Make the families into family members by showing empathy. Our special role as nurses is about learning our patients’ expressions although they are non-verbal. Patients with Cerebral Palsy, or rather any patient in any condition, call tell a warm heart. That is a common language. And smiles are also universal.”

 About Alicia:

Other than being a nurse, Alicia is a pretty cool girl. In her off time, you’ll find Alicia listening to music, writing inspirational poetry, or spending time with her favorite turtle friends, Michelangelo, or Michael as she calls him in short.  She also loves skating in the winter – though she notes that winter in NYC 2022- 2023 practically skipped us. If you want any tips, Alicia strongly believes in loving what you’re doing. Enjoy your job and you’ll do it in the best way.

Charmaine Mitchell, LPN, is working with an 18-year-old Cerebral Palsy patient since April of 2021

 “I am a nurse for more years than I can count. Throughout the years, I have experienced every specialty both in hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes. My current homecare job working with a Cerebral Palsy patient is most rewarding. Homecare is where real patient care happens and the paperwork is minimal, finally. It is challenging to communicate with patients who are non-verbal, but that does not diminish the importance to be authentic and interact even if they cannot hear you.”

About Charmaine:

Charmaine is retired FYI. Kidding, obviously. But she herself is wondering how she found herself working 7 days a week. She retired in 2021 from the fast-paced nursing home setting, then decided to explore homecare for just three shifts a week. That’s the end of story.

Charmaines gives credit to her mom for her inspiration to nursing. Though, those who know Charmaine say it’s a definite nurture plus nature. As a young girl growing up in Jamaica, Charmaine has seen a lot. There was a young blind man living on the block whom her mom would completely support. She would cook for him, clean the ulcer he had on his foot. Mom also involved the children to clean his home. Charmaine still recalls the time when the man was taken to ‘the poor people’s home’ to live. He cried. Two weeks later when Charmaine went to visit him, she was told he was dead. This story was etched in the heart of young Charmaine, and she believes it will stay with her forever.

If you are looking for a good friend, connect with Charmaine. She is a gourmet cook, doing some catering on the side, just saying.

Cynthia Coriolan, LPN, is working with a Cerebral Palsy Patient Since December of 2022

“The best reward is seeing my patients feel great and safe. Communication may be challenging, but our job working with Cerebral Palsy patients, or patients with any other condition is to find a way to connect to them; to learn their reactions. Make their life the best possible by doing more of what they like.”

About Cynthia:

Cynthia comes from what you would call a family of nurses. Though, how despite the impact she has on so many lives she keeps her humility so strong as though it would all be a mere duty is baffling! Talk to any of her three children and you’ll learn that Cynthia treats them once a season to tan on the Florida beach in Miami, under the palm trees in California or other relaxing destinations.

Terry Day Gail, LPN, is working with two sister patients with Cerebral Palsy since June of 2019.

“Nursing is about proving everyone wrong. It is about encouraging parents to set higher expectations while helping children achieve greater heights. Nursing is caring plus more than a dash of common sense. It involves teaching. Patients with some limitations may often be more entuned to the emotional aspect leaving it is on us to make our presence matter.”

About Terry:

You’ll get intimidated hearing that Terry is not only a nurse for more than 45 years, but also the best grandma. A proud mom to four grown girls, each in the healthcare field, Terry loves to spend time with her four girls, sometimes treating them to places like 6 flags or other fun places during the summer.” There are many patients waiting just for you. Join a team of likeminded healthcare professionals Terry, Alicia, Charmaine and Cynthia to etch the pivotal difference in the lives of others. While doing the job you love, you’ll enjoy the best pay and benefits in the industry.